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This past September, the heart of Saint Denis pulsed with the vibrant energy of an extraordinary training event. From the 12th to the 15th, the iconic Saint Denis Town Hall opened its doors to host a series of captivating workshops and sessions that inspired and educated. Nestled within the charming Salle de la Résistance, this program promised—and delivered—a journey of learning and discovery unlike any other.

A Journey Through the Week
The event kicked off with a heartening welcome session in St Denis City Hall, setting a collaborative tone with an insightful program update, ensuring everyone was aligned and excited for the days ahead.

The adventure truly began with Ville St Denis presenting the four-day blueprint, accompanied by opportunities for participants to connect and set the stage for a collaborative environment.

Midweek Highlights:

Attendees were treated to enriching workshops from Materahub and IRI, providing invaluable feedback and sharing innovative methodologies. A highlight was the round-table discussion featuring a diverse group of local health ambassadors, offering a platform for sharing experiences and insights that spanned various communities.

Practical Explorations:

Thursday was marked by an in-depth IRI workshop focused on launching local contributory clinic projects, complemented by insightful site visits to significant community locations, enriching participants' understanding and engagement.

Concluding with Reflections:

The final day emphasized reflection and forward planning, featuring site visits guided by Ville St Denis and a comprehensive program evaluation with Laba. It was a moment to consolidate learning and look ahead to applying these insights in real-world scenarios.

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