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Welcome to Surviving Digital Training Courses: The Project consortium (Le Laba, IRI, IASIS, Materahub, City of Saint Denis, MMS and EUEI) coming from 5 European countries (France, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Denmark) created 2 training curricula, one for Parents and Ambassadors and a second one for Professionals.

In the first training curriculum addressed to parents and future Ambassadors you can find 6 modules that are offering an overview of the importance of digital education and the discernment between educational and non-educational apps. In addition, it presents a series of modules focusing on practical activities and parental actions to guide their children in the responsible use of digital devices.


Module 1: Parents Guide to Analysing Digital Tools for children under 5

With screens everywhere, actively monitoring the time children spend on various electronic devices can be a real challenge for parents. In this module we will analyze specific examples of educational apps, we discuss their content, methodology and actual effectiveness in the learning process.

Module 2: Creativity at the core of digital education

In this module we will explore a range of practical and engaging activities that parents can propose to their children using screens too but not . These activities foster creativity, social interaction, emotional intelligence and adaptability.

Module 3: Music for social link

This module aims to create an engaging and stimulating environment for parents and children through exploration and active participation in music. It is designed to encourage learning, emotional connection and growth together through musical expression and create stimulating diversions to avoid screens.

Module 4: Parent-Child Language Group

This module aims to provide a stimulating and engaging environment in which parents and children can develop their language skills through interactive activities and concrete language practice. It is designed to support language development in a fun and inclusive context.

Module 5: How to combat digital overload as a parent

This training module focuses on identifying technology overload, providing practical strategies to help parents better manage their use of technology and reduce the associated stress.

Module 6: Expressing yourself as a parent

We analyze the role of parents in shaping their children's approach to technology. We discuss behavioral patterns, family rules for device use and strategies to encourage a healthy relationship with technology.

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