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Break time: Kids have a lot of energy and it should be invested effectively. Make sure your kids do something active frequently. Indulge them in mini strolls and stretching exercises every 30 mins. Bodies need to move and habits form young. Encourage them to be active. It’s important to break up screen time and move around.

Prioritize other things: Ensure your child finishes homework, studying, housework before they get on the mobile device. This helps in setting the priorities straight right from a young age.

Create a media plan: The best way to curb the unrestricted consumption of media is to prepare a formal family media plan. This is a systematic approach to help your child use media responsibly right from the very beginning.

Do not use Smartphone as reward or Distraction: Smartphone has a huge potential to be of great educational value to children. Total abstinence from it isn’t advisable. Moderation is the key here. Many parents leverage screen time to encourage children to study/do homework/ do house chores but this could lead to more harm than good. Beware of using the smartphone as a distraction or a reward as this can have ill effects on the children.

Indulge them in activity-based learning: Kids use phones for fun and entertainment purposes. Kids love challenges. Mobile games are attractive as they pose challenges at every new level. By engaging kids in activity-based learning, they can gain knowledge while having fun.

Maintain a strict smartphone schedule: Setting adequate time allows parents to keep track and restrict the amount of time spending on gadgets and avoid unnecessary usage of the smartphone. By introducing a schedule, parents can improve the habit of routine which prevents the child from spending more time on screen. Smartphones have now become an inseparable part of our lives and it is difficult to keep them away from children. Therefore, make your child understand that he/she can use your smartphone only for a limited time.

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