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The Surviving Digital partners from Ireland, Denmark, Greece, France and Italy convened in Saint Denis for their fourth Transnational Project Meeting (TPM4). This pivotal assembly not only reflected on the strides made in developing the PR3 Open Educational Resources (OERs) but also marked the commencement of an ambitious new work plan for the PR4 Digital Learning Toolkit.

Surviving Digital is an initiative aimed at equipping community care organizations, health professionals, and social/cultural educators with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to help parents and caregivers tackle the difficulties relating to screen addiction among young children. The project leverages the collective expertise of its partners to create tangible, transferable tools and training courses designed to empower adults and parents, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange with visible and exploitable results across Europe.

During the meeting in Saint Denis, discussions revolved around innovative practices in the prevention and fight against the harmful effects of screen addiction, as detailed in the project's comprehensive guides and methodologies. These resources are crafted to assist educators, social workers, and mediators in understanding and leveraging the participation of adults in the most vulnerable urban areas as a resilience and digital inclusion lever.

The initiative's forward-thinking approach extends to the training modules offered, which cover a broad spectrum of topics from analyzing digital tools for children under five to fostering creativity and social links through digital education. These modules are part of the broader ambition to address digital overload and establish a healthy relationship between families and technology.

With the launch of the PR4 Digital Learning Toolkit, Surviving Digital is set to introduce an immersive training toolbox. This innovative platform will feature a compendium of inclusive educational online tools within a multilingual and interactive environment, further enhancing the project's impact on community health and digital wellbeing.

The partners' meeting in Saint Denis was not just a milestone for the Surviving Digital project but also a testament to the collaborative spirit driving European efforts to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by our increasingly digital world. As this project moves forward, it continues to shine a light on the critical role of education, empowerment, and community engagement in overcoming digital adversity

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