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Result 01

Guide to innovative practices in the prevention and fight against the harmful effects of screen addiction.

This study identifies innovative practices in terms of participation of the inhabitants in prevention projects and promotion of digital with the inhabitants. This study gathers documentary resources, in multi-media format (interactive resources) and proposes to educators, social workers, mediators, to understand how the participation of adults in the most fragile urban areas is a lever of resilience, of digital inclusion 20 cases collected throughout Europe, 10 interviews and 10 portraits are presented.

Result 02

Methodological guide 'surviving digital'.

From R1 and the experiences of partners, two guide will be created:

  • The first one presents the methodology of the "contributory workshops", in the form of practical sheets and resource documents allowing to understand the process of empowerment of adults in the use of digital tools.
  • The second one proposes tools to value these contributions: how to reward the participation of adults, to value it and to recognize the role of some adults as ambassadors to their peers.
Result 03

Training course "fight against digital".

Formalization of 2 innovative courses that are not offered by the professional training system on contributory workshops, empowerment of inhabitants and the valorisation of their know-how in the service of the digital transition

Result 04

SURVIVING DIGITAL training toolkit

An Immersive training toolbox will provide a compendium of inclusive educational online tools within a multilingual and interactive platform, along with the creation of community spaces 'SURVIVING DIGITAL on an agreed relevant platform.

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